Mandy May’s Sweet 16

This past weekend, I had the honor and privilege of capturing, a birthday party for a cute little red-headed dachshund pup named Mandy May McEntire.

This was not just any birthday party, it was her Sweet 16th birthday party!

A lot of friends came out to The Cove to wish Mandy a Happy Birthday

and since it was HER party she got to just hang around

all her friends brought a lot of presents.

She even got her favorite present…Cheese!

Then it was time for cake…

people cake

and pup cake.

Of course, a big Facebook celebrity also has to have her birthday portrait done!

The folks over at The Cove must have known she would be there…

Happy Sweet 16th Mandy May “The Mac-N-Cheez” McEntyre!

On a side note, I have to mention the venue, as this wasn’t the first time I have been there for something like this.  The party was held at The Cove (near downtown San Antonio) and they were amazing at receiving all the party guests as usual!  The atmosphere there for pups and people alike is always the best and if you are looking to have your pup’s birthday party, your kiddo’s birthday party, any party or just a get together, The Cove will more than accommodate!  Plus, it helps to have a professional photographer there to capture the moment 😉

If you would like to see more pics of Mandy just click here, and if you would like to purchase pics of MMM click here!i=2447063100&k=rVwhJNH.

Happy Monday!