Wacky Easter Day!

Hopefully everyone had a great Easter yesterday.  Hopefully you were able to spend it with family…and hopefully it didn’t HAIL on you like it did us towards the end of the day!

My Easter started off just like the Easters of the past, we went out to Lisa’s grandparent’s house to BBQ (my famous fajitas) and spend time with family.

We ate, caught up on stories…

I took pics as usual.


And after waking from the food coma, we went home and were greeted with an unexpected twist!

Shortly after we got home, the winds kicked up.  Then came the rain.  Hard rain.  Then.


And it came down…hard and in buckets!

I mean, your supposed to break eggs on people’s heads for Easter…but not ice!

Aaand…of course, I had to go play in it 😉

Luckily as quickly as it came on, it passed and little to no damage done…thankfully!

Here’s to hoping everyone had a great weekend, an awesome Easter and an even better Monday!  Happy Monday y’all!!!

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