Weekend Meet and Greets

This weekend Lisa and I went to the San Antonio Home and Garden show.  We had been a few years ago, mostly to meet and greet with Paul James “The Gardener Guy”, and like a few years ago, this year we went, mostly to meet and greet with someone we watch on TV…Jeff Lewis from Bravo’s “Flipping Out“!


Yeah, we kinda mulled around the expo, but really just to kill time until Jeff Lewis came on to speak.

After his appearance, he changed venue and made his way backstage where he met with everyone and took pictures.


As flagrantly real and open as he is on his show, he is just as honest and real in person and actually quite genuine.  Both Lisa and I were really happy to have met Jeff. 🙂


Yesterday we made our way out to San Marcos to meet with some of the DDRTX folks for a training they were holding at the Railyard Bar and Grill.

As the DDRTX folks were learning, I was busy snapping pics of the DDRTX pups!  LOL!

Of course Rainbow was there hosting the event.

And since she was hosting, she naturally had to dress the part in her beautiful new St. Patrick’s Day dress and sparkly green collar!

R2D2 made an appearance

and was struttin’ his orange self around.

Farah is a new addition to DDRTX (and already being adopted),

it’s no wonder why.  She is adorable!

And then…there was Biggie Smalls…

I couldn’t stop taking his picture

and then I couldn’t stop myself from taking him…and then kissing on him!!!

©christie herrmann photography

©christie herrmann photography

After everyone left, Rainbow felt it would be the perfect time to model her dress for me.

And, as usual, when I go up to the Austin/San Marcos area, on the way back, I have to, have to, have to, stop at my favorite pit stop…Buc-cee’s!


I like fun filled weekends like these…good folks, good pups and good food all make for a good life!

Happy Monday all!

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