Country-fied Photoshoot!

Last week we went to do a shoot “out in da sticks”.  Our shoot location was in Floresville, about 40 miles south of North Central San Antonio.  Ironically, this was not inspired by the rodeo.  I was asked to come out and capture some family portraits as this was one of the few times they would all be together in one place.

Thought process? Country+peaceful++horses (I had to give horses 2 pluses)+awesome family=Hell Yeah!

Lea Ann and Hannah were excellent hostesses

and they boast a GORGEOUS family,

which include beautiful horses…

Hannah didn’t mind posing, but she also had her own agenda.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It’s always fun when you have a little horse…ing around.

I love being out in the country.  Lisa’s grandparents live out in the country and I always look forward to going out there to visit them.


And BBQ.  And take pictures of the horses, turkeys, donkeys and goats, next door.  My roots are country and they alway will be.  But, after it’s all said and done, I’ve been spoiled by the convenience of city life and prefer to live within the city limits.  That said, I’m off to the gym, then…Starbucks.  Because they have good coffee.  And free wifi.

Happy Friday…ya’ll!

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