I am usually pretty good about keeping things prioritized and handling those priorities.  However.  I continually fail to keep up with my blog. :/  Recently, it’s been because I just started a new semester and am kinda taking on a full schedule.  Plus I’m trying to get back on my workout schedule.  Plus, every weekend this month so far, I’ve had shoots (not that I’m complaining).  So…my blogging has taken a backseat.  Well.  I think my schedule has settled down some to where I can get my other priorities in order now!


Speaking of shoots every weekend…this weekend, tomorrow (Saturday), we will be at The Garden Center taking pics of people in love and people in love with their pets!  We will be there from 10a to 2p (or longer if needs be) so come out and get your pic or your pup’s pic done for Valentine’s Day!

The AWESOME folks at The Garden Center!

Then, Sunday, we’re going to be out in the country for another Boudoir/Model shoot!  I’ve been getting several request for both here recently.  So we’re going to be adding (and keeping) Boudoir to our repertoire throughout the year.  More info on that and mini model shoots to come in my next blog!


Oh hey!  Keep your eyes open for our new team members of LAFMIL!  Lupita Cardenas is my new photography assistant and Jacqueline Crim is our new MUA/Hair stylist for boudoir, model, senior and bridal clients!  Say hi and welcome them next time you see them! 😉

Happy Friday!

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