Doxie Family Portraits!

People ask me what kind of photography I do.  And I always say that my area of expertise is portraiture.  I am a portrait photographer i.e. People/Families, Weddings/Brides, Models, Pets, Graduating Seniors etc.  Basically anything that has a face, I photograph it!  One of my specialties within that field, however, is Dachshunds…well…pups in general (I use the term pup whether it’s a dog just born or a senior).  But on this occasion I was privileged to do a portrait session for some Doxies and their families!

Everyone, including the pups, were super awesome, warm and inviting.  Lisa and I felt right at home during the shoot which always helps being that everyone is nice and relaxed.

Beautiful day, beautiful family and beautiful pups (of course!).

I really love it when we get all the “formals” done so that way everyone can just be themselves and let me capture that with my lens. 😉

A Huge Thank You to the Rames family for welcoming us into their home and having us over to capture their memories!  Lisa and I had a blast with all of you and your fur kiddos!

Happy Wednesday!

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