Model Shoot – Pinup Style!

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a model shoot.  I totally forgot how much fun it is doing these.  I love putting the shoot together, getting the “team” involved.  Hair, makeup artist (MUA), wardrobe, location etc.  It can be stressful, but the payout is totally worth it.

As a matter of fact, since we’re on the topic of stressors, our locations kept falling through.   But right at the last minute…we landed an AWESOME spot!

Special thanks goes out to Eric of The Arrangement Nursery for allowing us to shoot in his AMAZING home!  And, I would be remiss if I didn’t give a special shout out to Ali (Eric’s extremely small 😉 and lovable Great Dane) for being an awesome hostess; welcoming everyone as they arrived!

Ali @ArrangeNursery

The idea/concept for this shoot began as a “steampunk” shoot, but ended up being more pinup.  Still…I loved it!  Gonna have to re-visit the steampunk concept though. :/

/\ What steampunk looks like /\

Here’s a roll call of the team that day:

Sam Paniagua, the God of hairstyling, and his assistant, Jacquelyn did hair.


And Alissa Rodriguez rocked makeup!

and Toni was AMAZING and a total pinup doll!






All told, everyone did an outstanding job, everyone was awesome to work with, and everyone had a great time!   And because of it the shoot went smoothly without a hitch!

ahhh…model shoots.  I really should do more.  Ok…you talked me into it!  Message or email us if you would want to book your own model shoot in 2013!

Happy Humpday y’all!

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