A time to give Thanks

Thanksgiving came and went and ushered in Christmas.  Well, that’s not entirely true.  Kinda around Halloween…almost right at and just after…ALL the stores ushered in Christmas.


Regardless, our Thanksgiving was spent with friends and family and waaaay too much food!  And for all of that (and more) I give thanks!



I give thanks everyday for what I do.  For my family, my kids & fur kids, my friends, my health, and everything else I have been blessed with, where others are without.  And for that I try to never take any of my blessings for granted.


I hope and pray that everyone had a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving and even if you didn’t and some mishap befell you or someone you know, there is hope and there is probably someone, somewhere, in this world who has it worse.  I pray for those people, that they be given guidance, hope and relief.


This Holiday Season, keep those more in need than you in your prayers, even if you don’t pray, keep them in mind and send good energy.


Many warm, happy Holiday wishes and blessings from Lisa and I at LAFMIL Photography!

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