Lost Maples Diaries

For a while now, Lisa has been asking me to take her to the Lost Maples State Park to see all of the new fall foliage.

This past Sunday we, Sean/Holly/Lisa and myself, took a trip out there.

Lisa was right, the foliage and the scenery were magnificent!

Little did we know that we would be taking on a 5 mile hike through this beautiful landscape.  And a remarkable similar situation that befell the group of The Chernobyl Diaries!

The other egregious moment was when we discovered that part of the trail/hike was a 1.5 mile EXTREMELY STEEP climb!

By the time we reached the top, it started to get dark.  By the time we descended it was night…no moon, no stars.  And, we were sans flashlight.  AND…it started to rain.  Seriously?!

No one brought hiking gear.  No one brought camping gear.  Lisa did however, bring plenty of water…and M&Ms.  Yes.  Be it forbidden that we would have had to survive on our own for days, we would be sharing AN M&M.  Each.  Per hour.

At the end of the trail, I decided to record the moment.  In case we were left for dead and only my camera survived.

Here is the video…

Obviously, we survived…but…I should have been a good Eagle Scout and should have been prepared.  I have already told Lisa, first chance we get, we’re going to REI to buy hiking/camping gear!

Happy Black Friday!

3 thoughts on “Lost Maples Diaries

  1. Beautiful shots! So glad you made it out safely!! Next time be sure to pack a pizza or two! And maybe some raw meat for the mountain lions that Donna mentioned! :-O

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