Majestic’s Senior Shoot

Here’s a preview of a Senior shoot we did yesterday for a beautiful young lady.

Majestic is my newest Senior Rep for her High School.  Um…but she’s not really a Senior.  Yet.

Majestic is a junior and just like her High School career, she is knocking another task out early and with Honors!  Majestic is an Honor Roll Student and a member of her school’s Student Council.

When we started shooting, I asked her to have fun with the shoot, relax and “just be you”.  I also asked her if she watched America’s Next Top Model and she shyly nodded her head yes.  I then told her that today, I wanted her to act like she was one of those contestants and we were gonna be doing a fashion shoot.

She didn’t really have to act.  She was a natural!  Had she really been on the show…she would have been the girl with the best photo!

Awesome job Majestic!  I can’t wait till we do your OTHER Senior shoot! 😉

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