Puppy Up! Walk 2012 – The Event

Puppy Up! 2012 is the second annual event started by Luke Robinson and his pair of great Pyrenees.  Luke and his non-profit “2 Million Dogs” foundation (which is sponsoring 40 “Puppy Up” walks throughout the nation) are on a cross-country mission to spread awareness of cancer’s effect on our pets, and ourselves.  Yesterday was the big event here in our backyard, San Antonio, Tx, at Mcallister park.

As with last year, this year a multitude of people and pups showed up to support the cause,

there were vendors,

an awesome band


the awesome Toki Poki

a fashion show

and even portraits to commemorate the event by yours truly 🙂

Everyone there had a great time, for a great cause and I hope next year’s is even better!

If you would like to see more pics, click on any of the images above or go to LAFMIL Photo and Like our page!

Happy Monday!

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