Happy Halloween!

Happy All Hallow’s Eve everyone!

Today is special because it’s Halloween and, if you are reading this, you will get a trick AND a treat!

The treat?  Well, I will tell you a scary story and show you some ghostly pics…

I know I mentioned this in my last blog, but it is worth repeating because either you may have missed my last blog and not heard it, or (as with all good stories) it’s so good you want to hear it again!

We did a Halloween shoot at the Diamond Dachshund Rescue of Texas‘ reunion last weekend.  Part of the fun of this year’s pictures were going to be that we would have the Halloween setup.  BUT.  When you got your pic back (either in print or digital) you would have a scary surprise…either one or two ghosts would appear with you and/or your pup!

Well…what I didn’t plan on was actually seeing and being around real ghosts!  That’s right…a real ghost.  A lady, specifically.  Lisa saw her first as we were setting up.  We were in the process of setting up the backdrop when Lisa almost accidentally bumped into “someone” and said excuse me.  But there was no one there and Lisa felt a cold chill and got what some call “the goosebumps”.  I believed her, cause I kinda felt a presence there too, but I laughed at her for getting haunted!  Ha Ha!

Unbeknownst (that’s right…un-be-knowest!) to me…I would be visited by her!  I was backstage getting a couple of chairs out of a dressing room that had an attached restroom in it.  I stepped in to grab the chairs, with only the light from the stage to illuminate the room, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw my reflection in the adjoined restroom mirror.  Then suddenly I heard an “echo” of water?  It’s the best way I can describe the sound, if that makes sense? As I heard the water turn on I noticed a shadow covering part of my reflection.  I turned to say I’m sorry for intruding.  But there. was. no. one. there! EGADS!!!

After telling Lisa, she laughed at me and proceeded to ask me how I liked it and that that’s what I get for making fun of her.  We kinda laughed it off and continued setting up.  Normally, for portraits that are staged, I tend to set up my camera to how I feel it looks best framed and not move it unless the shot calls for it.  I also have to add that my tripod is a pistol grip tripod so once I set it, I can pretty much continually shoot without having to readjust as it stays in place pretty tight.  After I had done this (mind you, Lisa and I are the only ones on stage at this time) I started to help Lisa adjust props for the background.  I went to check the setup in my camera frame.  My camera had been moved down and to the left!  I thought it odd at first, but quickly dismissed it and reframed my shot.  Again, I continued to help finish setting up.  Now setting up my lighting, I went back to my camera to check exposure on the setup.  My camera had been moved again!  This time slightly up and to right.  This time I knew it was the Lady ghost.  She moved my camera!  Twice!   After framing out my shot…twice!  I quickly realized this and somewhat felt her presence and “heard” a thought in my head saying she only wanted to see what it looked like in my camera.  I politely asked out-loud “Could you please not move my camera anymore?  I would really like to finish getting everything set up…please.  Thank you.”  That was the last time my camera moved :O

After getting everything set up, I noticed the maintenance man near the stage.  He asked if everything was going alright, to wit, I stated “You didn’t tell me there were ghosts here.”  He smiled and nodded, then replied “Two of them.”  He started to walk away as I asked “Is one of them a lady?”  He turned his head slightly as he continued walking away and grinned in affirmation.

Oh…and the trick?  Guess who this is…

Happy Halloween Hump Day!

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