Lost in the Shuffle!

Ok, so I’ve been absent from blogging, and somewhat from Facebook, for the last two weeks.  Why?  For most of us photogs, this is our busiest time of year!  Ergo, while I’ve had a lot to blog about or post on Facebook, I just haven’t had the time, nor the energy :/

While I could go on a minute per minute replay of my last two weeks…I’d rather (for all of our sakes) just show you in pictures.  Besides, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words…right? And since I am a photographer, I tend to have plenty of those!

For a few months now, I’ve been working on Rainbow Diamond’s 2013 calendar. I just finished up the last shot this past week, and her calendar should be out & available for purchase early this week. For now, here’s a sneak peek.

Of course, nothing can ever just go perfectly…As I’m running around completing errands or going to meet a client, wouldn’t you know it – the inevitable wrench presents itself!  I get a flat…and it’s raining >:S

We help cover events for our friends & their non profit organization The Dinner Garden. They took part in an event last weekend at the Olmos Basin park called Live Greenfest.  Lots of people, lots of fun. 🙂

As we’re getting into the Halloween season, I’m being asked to do Halloween shoots, sooooo…I have to do Halloween research…duh!

Last week, I met with a bride-to-be to go over ideas, plans, and general bonding of the minds.  Here are some pics of the beautiful scenery from her upcoming wedding I’m shooting in Austin…AMAZING!

We also donate our time and partial proceeds to Diamond Dachshund Rescue of Texas frequently. We did a Halloween shoot at their reunion this weekend. Um, we actually saw real ghosts…not the ones you see below Photoshopped in. I mean real ghosts!  A lady, specifically.  Lisa saw her first as we were setting up, then I saw her backstage AND she moved my camera. Twice!   After I had already framed out my shot!  EGADS!!!

Yesterday we were at the Paul Mitchell school doing a pumpkin patch shoot to help benefit Pause for Paws. It was a  really beautiful day, and the lighting/sun was perfect for these shots!

So, yeah…we’ve been staying pretty busy =)

Plus, I have to set a little time aside for myself 😉  …

Stay tuned, more events to come! Make sure you like us on Facebook (www.Facebook.com/lafmilphoto) to keep an eye out for or next events! And don’t forget to book your Holiday session for christmas cards, we’re already booking up fast! 😉

Happy Monday!

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