Crystal, Alex and…Aleah!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of taking baby Aleah’s first pictures!  She was a champ!  I mean seriously, I think she was born to pose for the camera.

(if you look closely, you can see Mama in her eye)

She was so laid back and didn’t really fuss at all!  Well, except for when she got hungry, but come on!  I REALLY get fussy when I get hungry too!  And talk about photogenic…look at that face!

Mom and Dad did good too!

And you can totally tell Dad loves his little girl…

and obviously, Aleah is a daddy’s girl!

But I think Aleah gets her looks from Mom 😉

The camera loves both of them!

I told Dad he better watch out, soon the boys are going to come knocking!

Aleah was so awesome and beautiful to photograph, I can’t wait till we get together to take her pics for her 1st birthday!

Happy Monday!

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