Saturday Zen

San Antonio, Tx.  Weather forecast, most of the time, HOT.  Today?  Well, I woke up to start my workout outside where I found it to be absolutely refreshing!

Apparently we had a “cold front” sweep in!  And WOW…there was a Zen-like breeze, wasn’t humid…it felt awesome and actually invigorated me making me have a great workout!

Hopefully everyone is enjoying their Saturday with this awesome weather…if you’re working, retail or otherwise and can’t be off today, I feel ya.  Been there done that.  If you’re reading this on a break, here are some pics to enjoy and hopefully give you a pep in your step for the rest of your day 🙂

I took these while walking around enjoying the awesomeness outside.

If you’re home reading this and in Texas…get off your computer and go outside —->

Enjoy this first “cold front” of the season.  If you’re not in Texas but you’re off today…same thing applies, get off your hiney and go enjoy the day!

If you’re working today…thank you for all you do!  I’ll be working a bit today too 😉

No matter what you’re doing, hopefully you’ll have some time to enjoy today.  🙂

Happy Saturday y’all!

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