Birthday Blog!

This post is going to be a selfish one…yes, about me, why?  Cause it was mine and Lisa’s birthday weekend!  My birthday was on Friday, August 31st, and Lisa’s was on Saturday, September 1st…and yes, I know, it is cool!  😉

I have to say that this has been the best birthday yet.  First off, I gave myself a looong weekend off, Friday through Monday.  It worked out great as I am in between shoots, my birthday landed on a weekend this year, and it was a Labor Day weekend!  So I made sure that we did some extra cool things for our Birthdays…

Friday (my birthday) I spent the day washing and cleaning Lisa’s car and then taking it to get the windows tinted.  I actually had to steal it from her work so she wouldn’t know.  Unfortunately, 30 minutes before they finished tinting the windows, Lisa took her lunch break and the jig was up.  I didn’t tell her what I was doing, but she said she had had an idea that was what I was doing anyway.  It was still a surprise for her to see her car all sparkly and shiny and tinted!

Saturday we got our nails did…

Lisa got a mani/pedi, I opted for just a pedi 😉

Then, I took Lisa to get her “herr did”…

She was nervous at first as she had not changed nor tried a different hair stylist in about a year.

But it came out great!  Her hair stylist did an awesome job, and Lisa LOVED it!

After, Lisa took me to get a professional shave…

This was an AMAZING experience!  Not only did I get a most awesome shave, I ended up getting my head shaved as well!!!

It’s a different look, one I’m still working on getting used to, but it’s actually growing on me 😀

After, we spent the rest of the day walking around the La Cantera shops and enjoying the ambiance.

Sunday, I took lisa to see the Natural Bridge Caverns…

She had never been, even though she has lived in San Antonio all her life, go figure :/

She loved it and we had an awesome and relaxing time.

Monday, we went out to Lisa’s grandparent’s house to barbecue…

I made my most amazing and awesome fajitas and we spent quality time with her family.

Then, we met up with our best friends and finished it off with a great time at the Alamo Drafthouse for some scary time movie!

All in all, it has been the best birthday for both of us yet.  I’m hoping that this is an indication of what our next year has in store for us!  Maybe next year we’ll spend our birthday abroad :O  Cabo?  Only time, availability, and good graces will tell!

Happy Tuesday!

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