Pet Expo Explosion!

This last weekend we set up our PhotoBooth at the San Antonio Pet Expo.


We saw a lot of fluffy butts…smoochie faces…lil puppies, and (dare I say it)…fluffy butts! (yes, there were so many fluffy butts it is worth repeating twice).

We also saw our friends from the Paul Mitchell school, from 2 Million Dog Walk/Puppy Up, Rowdy Cruger, and Toki Poki!

Of course, my favorite part of the whole event was taking the PhotoBooth pics!  Everyone had fun taking them and all the pups were awesome!

This one is one of my FAVORITES!  I love this little girl’s smile =I

If we saw you there, thanks for coming out and visiting with us!  If you didn’t make it, maybe we’ll see you there next year, OR you can book a session with us and we’ll either see you in the studio or at your place!

Happy Monday y’all!

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