It’s a "Cool" Summer!

Summer’s in full swing and it’s been a HOT one!  I most graciously and humbly thank the inventor of A/C, because without him my studio would not be so cool! (puns in this blog intended)

That is part of the reason I started my summer special “The Dog Days of Summer” so that I could offer “cool” deals inside a studio where it’s “cool”.

Yesterday was my first Dog Days session and I was able to play it “cool” with a couple of Dachshunds…meet Kolby and Konner!


Oh boy!  Both of them were soooo soft and floofy, but Kolby isn’t too keen on anyone touchin’ his toes (not that I tried).

Konner on the other hand was a ham and loved being in front of the camera.  Or loved getting treats?  Either way he was “cool” letting me take his pics and jumping up on set as needed!

If this session was an indication on how “cool” this special is gonna turn out…I can’t wait to see the rest of the pups and families that come in out of the hot sun and “cool” off in our studio!

If you haven’t booked your session yet…you’d better hurry cause they’re goin’ fast and it’s not getting any “cooler” outside.  Plus you most definitely want to make sure you get pics of your pups frequently!

If you want to book your session, contact us on Facebook – or email us at!

P.S. (shameless plug) We are going to be at the San Antonio Pet Expo tomorrow with our PhotoBooth set up!  Come out visit us, have some fun and get you and your pup’s pics taken!

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