Photo Booth!

Mid-week last week I began a project.  I had had this idea stuck in my head for a while now…building a portable photo booth!

How freakin fun would that be!  Not just for the people and pets getting them, but for me!  Taking the pics!  It’s always fun to get these pics taken, gets you all nostalgic n stuff.  Plus you get to be all goofy and flirty in the booth.  But how fun would it be for me to be able to be on the other side of that fun and capture it for everyone!

So my endeavor began.  Researching.  Measuring.  More Researching.  Brainstorming.  MORE Researching!  MORE Measuring!

Then finally…I got the plans down, went to Lowe’s and got everything I needed and got to work on building my idea.

Usually, when I start a project, chore etc., something always comes up.  It can never be easy or simple from start to finish.  No.  The proverbial wrench has to be thrown it.  Luckily, I only had one wrench on this project.  I had to stop mid construction and go back to Lowe’s to exchange a few pieces.

That’s it.  Whew.  After that, it was smooth sailing and construction got back under way.  After a few hours…whala!  The LAFMIL Photography photo booth was born!

On it’s maiden voyage (again, luckily) everything went up fine and I had no snafus!  Woo hoo!  We had it set up at a benefit for Pet Pals of Texas at PetSmart.

My plan was to have this photo booth done by the time this event came up in order to work out any bugs in the design, construction and file printing/sharing.

I wanted to have this done at this event because we have a major event coming up August 4th!  We will be setting the LAFMIL PhotoBooth up at the San Antonio Pet Expo, and I want to be sans snafus 😉

So now that it’s done…we are ready for everyone to come out and get your PhotoBooth pics taken Saturday August 4th at the San Antonio Pet Expo!  It’s free to attend and you can bring your fur kiddos too!

Hope to “capture” you there!

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