We are always “plugged into” the Human Network that is our everyday lives.  Have you ever UNPLUGGED yourself?  Stepped out from the network.  Looked at life and others in “the network” around you?

I was at the airport yesterday and I did just that.  I saw business people, flight attendants, security, families etc.  Everybody just plugged into their own little world they call their lives.

With no clue as to anything or anyone else around.  Just zooming by, zooming in, zooming out of airports and people’s way and lives.  Then, I had a realization.

The evening prior, I had the opportunity to visit with others in my profession.  I spoke with them.  I listened.  I became part of their world for the moment I was present with them.  I met people I had never, nor would have ever, met had I not made the trip out.  My world expanded.  New people in my field, in my life…in my Facebook group!  Everyone buzzing around with excitement and anticipation.  Enjoying the fun of the evening and the momentous occasion that we were all about to be a part of.

After the event we all left and went back to our own worlds.  Most of us with new aspirations, connections, relationships, and knowledge.  I flew back the next day to my world.

While in the air, right after take off, I could see the cars on the highway.  They looked like little toys from my view point.  But I knew there were lives down there.  Going to work, school, meetings, appointments, groceries.  All of them speeding along in their own world.

The point?

Have you ever had issues with your phone/laptop/desktop/other electronic device?  Did you reset/reboot/restart/unplug it and plug it back in?  And then did it start working ok again?

Every now and then…unplug yourself from your “network”.  Take the time to look around.  Appreciate what you have.  Yearn for that which is lost/needed/wanted.  Search for clarity.  Realize what is around you.  Regain your center.  Reset yourself.  Then plug back in and (pun intended) start plugging away at your life again.

Everyone needs a quick reboot every now and then.

It will give you a new perspective and outlook to life.

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