I Lost My Peanuts Cause I Consider Myself a True Photographer!!!

So…I’m en-flight from San Antone to Dallas to see Jasmine Star for The Fix!

As usual, the flight attendants are handing out peanuts…I say “yes please” but in my head I’m saying “just leave them all in my lap cause I’m starving!”  Any-whoosies (picked that one up from one of the photogs at the workshop!).  I get my pack-o-peanuts and (on my other lap is my camera) out of my window I see an amazing opportunity!  I swiftly snatch up my camera, lift it to my eye and SNAP!

 I get my picture…but in the process of doing so, my pack of peanuts slipped off my lap and into the eternal nothingness that is the crack of the seat between me and another passenger!  I looked down into the crack only to be glared at by the lady sitting next to me. “No ma’am.  I was not just looking at your buttocks.”  I thought to myself.  But I shyly smiled as if to say “hello, i’m really shy and innocent…blink, blink, blink.” DAMNIT!  I lost my peanuts!  AND I’M STILL STARVING!!!

All because I had/have to be the consummate photographer who ALWAYS has his camera on him…nice.

On the plus side!  I got to meet Jasmine Star and hear her divulge all of the secrets the universe has been holding back from us photogs who want to be a better business person…well…not that intense…but it was sure a heckofalotta fun!

Thanks again Jasmine for all of your insight and for caring enough about all of us “strugglers” to enlighten us and help us through the…dare I say it?  Tribulation  ðŸ˜‰

San Antonio Photography

2 thoughts on “I Lost My Peanuts Cause I Consider Myself a True Photographer!!!

  1. Oohh wow! That was awesome that she replied to you! I would have died right there and then!! So sorry for your loss of peanuts, but awesome you did come. I was the girl sitting next to you.

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