Mobile Photographer

Whether you have an iPhone or an Android phone either market
offers really neat (yes neat…in this case, this word best suits the description
:p) options in mobile pic taking!

I absolutely love where technology is today.  And as a photographer, especially in
today’s market, you kinda have to be a techie too.  I am no exception as I am ecstatic over my HTC EVO and the
apps for the “camera phone”.  I
continually keep searching and am on the lookout for the latest, greatest
camera app.  Just the other day I
found one that will actually (almost) allow me to take a pic and post produce
it as if I were using one of the “Big Boy” editing software!  It is freakin awesome! 

No, it does not take the place of my beefy Canon 7D, but,
neither do I want to be lugging that bad boy around with me everywhere I
go…well I do, but it’s not convenient.
And no, my EVO does not produce the same quality pics that my pro glass
does, but I can keep my phone in my pocket and snap a quick shot ANYWHERE! 

I would look very silly, and weird, if I walked around
everywhere with my 7D (as pictured on this page ===>) in my pocket :p

Just take a look at what can be done with the right phone
and camera app paired together!

As a matter of fact…I posted this whole blog right from my phone as well! 😉

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