Ok, so it’s been a LONG time since my last blog. But trust me, it has been on my mind the entire time. 

“What do I blog about, what do I blog about?” over and over in my head.
 Well…I finally came up with something.  I am blogging about what to do when your creative fizzle goes flat.

What’s the secret? What do you do?
If you are an artist- in any respect, writer, painter, photographer, model etc. you do nothing.   That’s right, nothing.  Live.  That is all there is to it. Go through each day with all your senses on!  See, smell, touch, feel, embrace everything!

Don’t stress about what to “look for” to be your muse.  Your inspiration.   Let it manifest itself.  Then, only then, will you be able to produce your special art.  The aesthetic that makes you, you.  Hey…that’s not to say that if you see someone else’s work and you want to try that, or change it up and give it your own flare, you shouldn’t. Go for it!  Just don’t plagiarize or copy it to a “T”.  Make it represent you and your ideas.   Go ahead and let someone else’s work give you the inspiration.   After all, that is our main objective, our priority, our lot in life as an artist…to inspire others with our vision and art.  Right?

Same goes for sleeping. (-_-)  Did you know that even though you sleep (or, technically, pass out and lose consciousness) your brain keeps going at a 1000 miles a second?  Yup, it’s trying to resolve issues and solve the problems of your day.  If it didn’t we’d all be CRAZY!

So if thoughts are keeping you up (or rather, conscious) let them!…it happens anyway.

I find that if I can’t sleep cause I got too much on my mind, I relax. I let my body relax so that it is ready for the next day, and let my mind wander. Eventually, I lose consciousness and wake up later!

Moral of the story…don’t stress over lack of artistic oomph or sleep.
Certainly don’t let your lack of artistic oomph cause you to lose sleep.
Just breathe in, and breathe out…then repeat.

The inspiration will come, I promise.

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