Puppy Pictures…a must!

“Oh my Gosh!  This puppy is soooo keey-oot!!!”  

Yep, that’s how they get you.  Those big, soulful eyes.  Or the pudgy, scrunchy face.  How about that puppy “bref” and the plump puppy “tummeh”?  However they nab you, they do.  And just like that…you have a new addition to your family.  Now that you have this rolling ball of fun, this flip-floppy, ear flapping bundle of energy, you sit back and enjoy the “puppiness” that is your brand new baby.  But like a brand new car, or a new born baby, that new puppy breaf smell, and super adorable puppy face (and size) grows all up!  

The transition was almost non-existant.  Now you have an adolescent pup, or an adult canine and either they are frustrating you because they’re getting into everything, or they become apathetic and nothing compels them to run around and play anymore.  I’ve got one question for you…did you get some puppy pics made back when your pal was a pup?

Some people take it for granted.  I even had a friend tell me “not everyone thinks of getting their puppies picture taken…”  to wit I responded, “that’s why I need to inform them!”  And so begins the informing…
If you are a parent of a human child, I am pretty certain you have several, if not a plethora, of pictures of your child.  You may even have a portrait taken of your child/children documenting their every year.  But did you, or are you, going to have portraits made of your puppy? 

Well…you should.
Puppies grow up a lot faster than kids…a lot.  The longer you wait on having their pics taken, the bigger they will get.  Take for example Julian and Angelo.  

The first time I saw them was a week ago when they first came into rescue.  They were cute, yes, but they were lackadaisical and only wanted to be held and to sleep.  Yesterday, during the shoot, it was all we could do to wrangle them up and have them (somewhat) in front of the camera.  They were EVERYWHERE!  Curious.  Sniffing.  Playing.   I’m sure by next week they will be talking and getting their driver’s license!
So to those of you that “don’t have the time” or don’t think it’s that important…just look at these pics.  If you didn’t at one point in time say/think “Awwww” and pout you lip and yearn to swaddle one of these pups as you looked, nay drooled over, said pics, then I excuse you from ever getting your pup’s pic taken.  For the rest of you (which is probably everyone who set their eyes on the pics) get your puppy’s pic taken.  They are priceless, they last forever and, most importantly, the picture and memory will never grow up 🙂

Puppies Don’t Stay Puppies Forever

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