I was looking at a cat outside of my kitchen window this morning.  He had no idea, no clue, no concept of the fact that somewhere nearby, someone was watching him.  He lay there as if in his own world with he being the observer of it all.  All the while being watched himself.
It got me to realize that, as we travel along our daily life and routine, even though we are in our house, in our car, walking in the mall with a friend, sitting at our desk at work or working on a sales floor, we are unknowingly being watched.  Not as to be ogled or stared at, necessarily, but just witnessed.  We are not the sole proprietor of this our world, other people live here too.  
And as an insight, stepping out of my own realm of comfort, I understand that we should not go through life complacent.  Stop.  Look.  Listen to EVERYTHING around you.  It only lasts one life time.

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