Always shooting

Ok, so my fiance had to go to her Orthodontist to get her braces removed.  I didn’t hear “getting my braces removed” I heard “photo op” “nature shoot” “new texture pics”, so, obviously, I tagged along and had my gear in tow.

I always have photography on the brain (and if my brain were a camera I would have a ton more, really neat, photos) and am always looking for that opportunity to capture that next fleeting moment. With today’s advent of effin’ awesome technology everyone and anyone can take advantage of the equipment they currently own and get really good pictures.  Even if you don’t own a camera that costs as much as a small luxury car, most everyone has a camera phone, and phones fit in your pocket whereas big, bulky, expensive cameras do not.  That lends to more opportunities to be in the moment and seize it (Carpe photo)!  What’s more, if you own an iphone or smartphone with Android, you can drop free apps that add cool and fun effects to an otherwise plain photo of a tree, or a car, or cute kitty etc.

Here are some examples of the pics I  took at my outing to the Orthodontist…enjoy, and let yourself be creative!

More pics from my trip on…it’s my new website, still under construction, but in working condition!

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